Maryanne S.

Don’t hesitate just let them help you and acquire their service!!!

My husband and I went to Atty. Salah law office to help us and guide us of filing a petition for me. We went to the office week before my entry visit of allowance expires. He accepted us and processed our paperwork very fast! His secretary Ms. Maria was so nice too and helped us and answer our questions and respond to us very quick whenever we needed them. Two or three months after we received a letter for the biometric and then after we did that two months after we did received a letter for interview which we just had it two days ago. Atty. Salah was there with us and before even we went to the USCIS he called us and we discuss everything and he made us ready on what possible questions and guided us for the interview day. On the day of the interview everything went so smooth of course being with Atty. Salah and here we are! My petition was approved for 10 years!!! Thank you so much to Atty. Salah and Maria his secretary for guiding us all through out the process and for always being there whenever we need questions. Their service I would rate it 100/10. It was the best! We never have doubts on choosing them to help us! This is the best law office that we could always have! We will have them forever and we will use their service whenever we need some legal advice. I would recommend them to have their service. To whoever will see this review! Don’t hesitate just let them help you and acquire their service!!!